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Established in 1990 by S. Fred Singer to challenge government environmental policies based on poor science, The sepapa000在线观看视频 (SEPP) stands for objective science, based on hard evidence.

SEPP examines questionable governmental policies, no matter how popular, to determine if policies are based on the rigorous application of the scientific method and not just a passing fad. SEPP鈥檚 mission is to educate politicians, the media, and the public on the importance of scientific rigor in establishing environmental and related policies, such as energy.

SEPP examines the integrity of databases used to establish policies to determine if they have been manipulated without compelling reasons, to assess if the databases address the issues claimed, and to determine if databases used are comprehensive with no substantial data missing.

SEPP questions the use of models for public policy unless the models have been appropriately verified and validated. No matter how elaborate, results from numerical models that are not thoroughly tested against hard evidence are speculative and cannot be relied upon. Testing the results of a model by using parts of the model against the results from the entire model is a ruse, used all too frequently. Comparing a model with similar models is not model validation. They may have similar errors.

Logic can carry models only so far. If they fail any tests against relevant data, the models must be changed or discarded. Omitting critical data violates the scientific method.

In 2007, SEPP established the Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) to respond to the false claims of the UN-IPCC, and its followers, who claim, without hard evidence, that the use of fossil fuels, and consequent CO2 emissions, will lead to climate disasters. The Heartland Institute is an outstanding contributor and publisher of these reports.

Contrary to frequent attacks, SEPP does not receive support from oil, tobacco, or chemical companies 鈥 or government organizations. SEPP accepts donations from private individuals and small contributions from foundations. The appropriate IRS tax filings are made by an independent CPA and are 鈥淥pen to Public Inspection.鈥

The sepapa000在线观看视频 (SEPP) is a non-profit, 501-(c)-3, educational organization. incorporated in Virginia. Its Federal I.D. Number is 54-1645372 and donations are US tax deductible. SEPP is frugal. Its writings are clear from any outside influence.

Thomas P. Sheahen, Ph.D.
Kenneth A. Haapala
July 1, 2019

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